søndag 6. juli 2014

As close to paradise as...

First sunrays in Icmeler June 24. Time: 06.10 local

View from our hotel Marbella between Marmaris and Icmeler

Bathing party
Early rider


The world is in the eyes
Satisfied Olaug at Champagne Steak House in Icmeler

Exclusive part in Amos

Nice residence in Amos (guarded)

Peter returning to Icmeler


Magni og Olaug

Returning to Norway late in the evening
I`m back home in Norway again after a perfect holiday in Marmaris/Icmeler. No great words now. I let the pictures and videoes tell our story. Maybe I`ll write some more from the stay later this week when all the impressions have sunk a little bit better. There`s so much to tell. 
The photographer


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