tirsdag 29. oktober 2013

Tragic death in Icmeler

Posted on Icmeler Lovers
facebook site today

I don`t know if this is right John, but it is something that has bothered me for months after coming back from Icmeler this summer (just delete this if you feel so). 

Just coming back from my early morning run to Marmaris on 26. July there was a tragic death just in front of my regular sunbed on the Coco Beach Icmeler. The couple that already had come to the beach should enjoy the first rays of the sun as they were going back to England this day. Unfortunately the woman fell dead on the waterline. Her husband was of course in shock. He was helped by the ambulance people and the police who came to help (some already there). But there was nothing to do with his wife. My neighbour on the beach these 14 days, Mr Dave Jones who later I`ve been aquainted with on Facebook, was also witness to this tragic event. 

My idea of posting this is if this british man by incident is on the Icmeler Lovers site, or anybody knows him, I would say i have felt so sorry for him for many months now. It really stroke me how easy life can turn upside down even in "paradise"... So really, take care everybody, and look forward to a new season in our beloved Icmeler.
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